We Know by the Stars

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  1. Quire: A Hymn To The Virgin[Lyrics]
  2. Reading: Here’s to Midwinter
  3. Quire: The Gower Wassail[Lyrics]
  4. Reading: Bethlehem Down
  5. Quire: Lay Me Low[Lyrics]
  6. Reading: The Ballad of Mari Lwyd
  7. Quire: Mari Lwyd[Lyrics]
  8. Reading: The Frostbound Wood
  9. Quire: Christmas Now is Drawing Near at Hand[Lyrics]
  10. Reading: The Last Mummer
  11. Quire: The Boar’s Head[Lyrics]
  12. Reading: From Far From the Madding Crowd
  13. Quire: Rainy, Haily, Windy Night[Lyrics]
  14. Reading: From A Child’s Christmas in Wales
  15. Quire: Ar Gyfer Heddiw’r Bore[Lyrics]
  16. Reading: From Cider with Rosie (1)
  17. Quire: Glad Tidings[Lyrics]
  18. Reading: From Cider with Rosie (2)
  19. Quire: While Shepherds Watched (Otford)[Lyrics]
  20. Reading: From Cider with Rosie (3)
  21. Quire: See Heaven’s High Portals[Lyrics]
  22. Reading: From Cider with Rosie (4)
  23. Quire: The Cherry Tree Carol[Lyrics]
  24. Reading: Reprise – Here’s to Midwinter
  25. Quire: God Bless the Master[Lyrics]
Thanks to Susie Stockton-Link for all her work
on the transcriptions.