Bring Us a Barrel

No man thast's a drinker takes ale from a pin
For there is too little good stuff there within.
Four and a half is each measure in full,
Too small for our sup; not enough for a pull, …

So bring us a barrel, and set it up right,
Bring us a barrel to last out the night,
Bring us a barrel, no matter how high,
We'll drink it up lads, we'll drink it dry.

The poor little firkin's, nine gallons in all,
Though the beer, it be good, the size be too small
For lads that are drinkers, like you and like I,
That firkin's a barrel will quickly run dry, …

And when I am lying all on my death bed,
Comeset down beside me a fine full hogshead,
That if down below I must go when I die,
Then me and Old Nick, we can both drink it dry, …

So bring forth the puncheon and roll out the butt,
These are the measures before us to put,
Our pots will go round and good ale will flow,
And we'll be content for an hour or so, …

Keith Marsden, harmonised by Dave Newell