Adieu Adieu

Adieu, adieu, hard is my fate,
I grew up in a tender state.
Flash company did me entice,
I left off work and took bad advice.

Chorus (after each verse):
Which makes me now to lament and say,
Pity the fate of young felons all
Willow day, willow day.

I robbed Lord Goldwyn, I do declare,
And Lady Masefield of Grosvenor Square.
I shut their shutters and bid them goodnight
And went away to m’ heart's delight.

Before Judge Hale then I was took,
Before Judge Hale then I was tried.
Then Harry Jones said, “This will not do,
My iron chest you have broken through.”

And when I'm dead and going to me grave
No costly tombstone will I crave.
Six bonny lasses to carry my pall
Give them broadswords, gloves, and ribbons all.

Folk / Traditional
Arranged: David Newell (after The Watersons)