Christmas Now is Drawing Near at Hand
Christmas now is drawing near at hand
Serve the Lord and be at His command
And for a portion God he will provide
And give a blessing to your soul besides.

Remember, man, that thou art made of clay
For in this world, thou hast not long to stay;
This wicked world will never be content
With all the gifts your heavenly Lord hath sent.

Down in the garden where flowers grow in ranks
Down on your knees and give the Lord God thanks
Down on your knees and pray both night and day
Leave off your sins and live upright, I pray

So proud and lofty do some people grow
Dressing themselves like players in a show
They patch and paint and dress like idle stuff
As if God had not made them good enough

For little children learn to curse and swear
And can't rehearse one word of godly prayer
But God, though Christ, can make them good and just
Obey his word and put in him your trust.

Traditional, arr. D Newell after Dave Townsend