What we do! - a fly-thru' medley (3:59)
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John Ball
The Dissenters of Beckford and Ayshon
Psalm 9/Thorpe Tune
Prodigal Son
Harvest Home
The Master’s Health
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Sample tracks – This is what we do

The Village Quire sings West Gallery music, folk harmony and catches.  We sing in the spirit of the sort of music-making that must have been found in the rural parishes of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  In those days it was the same singers in the pub on Saturday night, in the church gallery on Sunday morning and out on the land all the other hours God sent.  The songs might have been different, but the spirit was the same;  the Welsh call it Hwyl - heart and soul. This is what we do!

Working with the actor, Phil Smith, our shows tell stories through music and the spoken word.  Four shows are available to book; click for more details:

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Given that we don't usually have much to do with those new-fangled electronic, microphonic recording device thingies, we've just been into the studio and 'put down' some demo tracks, plus a couple of Phil's atmospheric readings. Until this experience, being 'put down' was only known as a threat made to us by Our Glorious Leader if we didn't follow his beat accurately!
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